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At TexBazaar, we offer a range of services designed to meet the needs of our customers.

TexBazaar is your essential toolkit for textile entrepreneurship, offering a diverse range of services tailored for yarn and fabric ventures. Our utility-focused approach is designed to empower entrepreneurs, providing strategic solutions to enhance and streamline your textile business. Explore TexBazaar's services—a commitment to transforming transactions and fostering success in every aspect of your entrepreneurial journey.


Discover a user-friendly textile marketplace connecting entrepreneurs, manufacturers, and buyers globally. Seamlessly list and explore a diverse range of yarn and fabric with a secure environment.

Trade Finance

Fuel the growth of your textile venture with our tailored financing solutions. Access competitive rates, streamline working capital, and ensure timely processing for optimized cash flow.


Our fabric cost calculators, sizing tippan calculators, and miscellaneous conversions and calculators are designed to help you make informed

Daily Alerts

Our daily yarn price alerts, daily MCX cotton prices, and researched tips to predict yarn market sentiments are designed to keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and insights.

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How we make your strategy business

At TexBazaar, we strive to uphold the following core values in all aspects of our business:

Comprehensive Textile Marketplace
  • User-Friendly Interface: Navigate seamlessly through our platform.
  • Listing and Browsing: Effortlessly list your products or discover the perfect textiles.
Quick Turnaround
  • Fast Processing: Experience quick and efficient processing of orders.
  • Prompt Delivery: Receive your textiles promptly, meeting your tight timelines.
Global Textile Reach
  • International Transactions: Facilitate seamless transactions globally.
  • Diverse Market Access: Connect with buyers and sellers worldwide.
Essential Tools for Optimization
  • Fabric Cost Calculator: Calculate the cost of your fabric efficiently.
  • Sizing Tippan Calculator: Simplify sizing calculations for your products.
Industry Insights and News
  • Curated Insights: Access insights tailored for the textile industry.
  • News Updates: Stay updated with the latest happenings in the textile world.
Trusted Partnerships with Leading Mills
  • Quality Assurance: Source textiles from trusted and renowned mills.
  • Diverse Product Range: Explore a wide range of textiles meeting various specifications.