About Us

Transforming Textile Transactions with Innovation and Expertise

At TexBazaar, we transcend the ordinary, redefining how the textile industry engages in transactions. Founded by a visionary with a Master's degree in Textile Engineering and enriched by six years of hands-on experience in the family textile business, TexBazaar is more than a marketplace; it's a vibrant community that thrives on innovation, transparency, and efficiency

Our Journey

TexBazaar's journey began with a profound understanding of the challenges within the textile industry. Armed with a deep-rooted passion for textiles and a commitment to driving positive change, our founder set out to create a platform that would unlock capital, empower businesses, and streamline textile transactions. Today, TexBazaar stands as a testament to the power of vision and determination.


Unlocking Capital, Empowering Textile Businesses


Revolutionizing Textile Transactions, Globally


Innovate, Transact Transparently, Drive Efficiency

Our Creative Team


Mr. Koushik Heda

Founder and CEO

As the founder of TexBazaar, I bring a wealth of experience in the textile industry to the table. With a Bachelor's degree in Textile Plant Engineering and a Master's degree in Textile Engineering from NCSU in the USA, I have spent six years working in my family's textile business. This experience has given me a deep understanding of the pain points and challenges that the industry faces, which has been invaluable in shaping the vision for TexBazaar.

Throughout my career, I have been involved in every aspect of the textile business, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing finished goods. This has given me a holistic view of the industry, as well as a keen eye for identifying areas where we can improve the supply chain and create more value for our customers.

Srishti Kabra

Director of Customer Relations

With a rich background in customer retention and relationship management, Srishti is a driving force behind TexBazaar's commitment to unparalleled user satisfaction.

Narendra Heda

Chief Textile Industry Strategist

His decades-long experience across textile manufacturing, buying, and selling positions him as the linchpin in TexBazaar's strategy.

Kishor Heda

Chief Financial Officer

As TexBazaar's Chief Financial Officer, Kishor is the financial architect of our operations. With a keen eye for fiscal responsibility, he oversees all financial aspects, ensuring the stability and growth of TexBazaar.

Kishan Heda

Director of Production and Quality Management

Serving as the Director of Production and Quality Management, Kishan oversees the intricate balance between production planning and maintaining the highest standards of quality at TexBazaar.